Skill Set =
[Web Development, Data Base,
Illustration, 3D, Video]


BTL Fitness was a group project consisting of four members. The goal was to create an advertising campaign and multimedia products to meet the needs of the client.
The multimedia products produced for the client was a visual identity, posters, a word press website and an advertisement film.

I was responsible for the creation of the advertisement film that was intended to be broadcasted on YouTube, television and on BTL Fitness’s website.

The “Couch Potato” video was intended to appeal to a younger target group from 15 – 21 in an unorthodox approach relying on satire and humor instead of sex appeal.

In production of the video I wrote the script, created a storyboard, miniature props, recorded audio and animated and composited special effects. Software utilized in the “Couch Potato” video was Adobe Audition, After Effects, Illustrator, Photo Shop, Premiere and Maya.

During my internship at Dentlet I had many assignments which included management of Amazon EC2, Information architecture of the marketplace, SEO, UX and development of an ETL solution for bulk upload of products which utilized JavaScript, jQuerry UI, PHP, Papa Parse to manipulate CSV files within the Dom eliminating computational strain on the server in the event of multiple clients utilizing that feature.

My secondary priority was to create promotional materiel which consisted of print and video products to educate potential vendors to the advantages of the marketplace. This included writing scripts, storyboarding, and illustration.
In order to meet that goal it was necessary to reuse earlier character designs modify and convert it into 3d models that would then be used for print and video. The advantage of utilization of 3d graphics is that one can use OOP principles “utilization of templates” so that rigging is only done on one main model and the changes will be applicable to the variant characters in other words the larger group of characters used in the production is proportional to the greater savings in time.

Aalborg Military Museum commissioned us to create a touch screen solution that would enable them to communicate information on the exhibitions digitally.

As a web developer it’s necessary to think not just about the digital product (i.e. website or software) but also in broader terms, to create a complete solution to meet the client’s needs.

I was personally responsible for the GUI design, structural design of the iPad 2 stand, and product placement concepts for the museum in the first phase of the project.

In the second phase of the project I was responsible for the creation of animation, script and storyboards of a mini documentary for one of the exhibitions.

During my time at VUK AALBORG my goal was to create multimedia products that would have a cohesive visual identity representing the VUK brand across print and social media.

The multimedia products developed for VUK AALBORG included print media which included 14 catalogues created in In Design.

Visual Identity and logo design for a text to speech program called “SIBRI” and “VILD” a touch screen interface for handicapped students.

I scripted, filmed and edited 27 videos utilizing Premiere that were designed to inform and educate both students and their parents on the courses and possibilities at VUK AALBORG.


Who am I ?

An American living and working in Aalborg Nordjylland that is curious by nature and has a strong belief that social media and the internet is the future, their fore I intend to further develop myself and put myself in a position so I can actively participate in its evolution.

I have a talent for thinking creatively, generating ideas and when I am engaged in a project I commit myself to completion of the project with excellence and expedience.

One can easily say that I have been around and tried lots of things, because of my curious nature I am willing to challenge myself and broaden my horizon to further develop myself as an artist and a professional.
But my true passion lies in creating art and as a rule I spend the majority of my time drawing, painting or creating digital art using 3D Max, Maya and Wacom tablet.

What I have learned .

In 2015 I graduated from University College of Northern Denmark with a BA Degree in Web Development which was a continuation of my studies as I earned an AP Degree in Multimedia Design & Communication in 2013.

Previously in 2000 I graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a Bachelor degree of Science in Media Arts and Animation.
In America I have occupied in various roles in the industry. I have a talent for thinking creatively, generating ideas and when I am engaged in a project I commit myself to completion of the project with excellence and expedience.

What I can do !



Web Sites & student projects

Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Web development and experience utilizing frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation & J- Query I have the skill set required to produce Responsive & SEO web sites.

Logos, Illustrations & 3D

With over a decades experience with Illustrator, Photoshop, 3Ds Max and Maya I am uniquely qualified to meet your illustrative and design needs.

Video editing & Visual Effects

Possesing a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer animation, I have expertise in software packages such as 3Ds Max, Maya, After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

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